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Paige and Tiffany

Paige was having a bad day until Tiffany showed up and invited her over to her place. From then on her day got so much better. Tiffany is so accomodating that Paige can’t resist the urge to make their time together more enjoyable. It’s a pussy licking good time as these cuties get naked and fuck!

Charlotte and Tiffany

We found Charlotte coming out of the pet store while we were out for some dog food. This blonde was wearing the same outfit as me, she looks smokin’ hot. When we told her she’d get $400 for doing our survey, she jumped at the chance!

Taylor and Tiffany

Taylor’s a first year college student. We ran into her while passing her by school. Tricking her in to doing a survey was as easy as mentioning cash. Taylor was one of the best fucks we’ve ever had!

Brooke and Tiffany

Tiffany’s back! While on the hunt for some food she runs into some hot little pussy! For Tiffany, Brooke is going to turn out to be her dinner and desert!

Candi and Tiffany Holiday

Tiffany licks some Candi in this smokin’ episode. Good to grind the girls waste no time exploring each other and Candi jumps right in the driver’s seat taking Tiffany for a ride that makes her moan with orgasmic pleasure. At the time Candi’s mind isn’t on money, but wait when she gets a check for nothing!

Alissa and Laurie Anne

Let me tell you about Alissa & Laurie Ann. I saw their pussies and became an instant fan. They have juicy lips and dripping clits and don’t forget those oh so natural tits!

Katrina and Tiffany

When Katrina is greeted by Tiffany she’s a bit skeptical at first, but once their back at the studio and the clothes start to come off she’s more than game for a taste of our sweet Tiffany. Getting tricked never tasted so good!